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Eco-Friendly Termite and Pest Control Solutions With Your Family’s Best Interest in Mind

At Planet Orange, we are dedicated to finding creative, eco-friendly solutions that are both effective and sustainable. We provide a variety of options to stop unwanted bugs from invading your home. As a leading provider of pest control in the greater Bay area, we believe that your home should be comfortable, and as green as possible.

  • Our pest treatment products are made of plant-based oils, which can repel or kill pests without posing a danger to your home and belongings.
  • Planet Orange products are made from orange oil, peppermint, rosemary oil, and clove extracts. The products eliminate pests while leaving behind faint and non-toxic aromas.
  • Our products are also safe for humans, meaning that you don’t have to move out of your home during the pest control process.

Planet Orange provides botanical solutions so you don’t have to suffer through the inconvenience of bugs or harming the planet.

We know you have choices about who you contract for pest control, termite services and remodeling/repairs. That’s why we go out of our way to be easy to work with, be responsive to your needs, and to treat you with courtesy. We want your trust and work hard to earn it, because we know that trust isn’t given, it’s earned.

Everyone at Planet Orange is involved in providing the best customer service possible and building our name brand to be synonymous with service and eco-friendly solutions. We’ve worked hard to build trust and deliver real solutions, that’s how we became the service provider for not one, but three of the biggest sport franchises in all of professional sports.

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planet-orange-termite-picture-bay-37-6 Pest ControlECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS FOR TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL

Pests such as termites have been around for millennia, and they aren’t going to disappear any time soon. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to put up with them. There are eco-friendly treatments that allow you to rest easy at night, knowing your home is protected without exposing your family, pets and home to dangerous chemicals, damaging the environment or dealing with the inconvenience of having to move out.

Termites use their hard jaws to bite and chew through small fragments of wood. When left unchecked, termites can slowly eat through the walls of your home. Over time this can cause severe structural damage and deal a significant blow to your wallet.

Termite activity can be hard to identify because the termite damage is typically done beneath visible wood beams. Many homeowners ignore some of the indications that termites are present, not realizing what they are. Some of the indications are termite swarms, skin casings left behind or tiny specks of excrement, which look a little like sawdust, left in the small pile.

Pest Control - Termite inspector in residential crawl space inspects a sill for termites.
Termite inspector in crawl space

A Termite inspection performed by a highly trained, state-licensed professional will locate and identify termite and pest infestations. The inspection includes thoroughly checking common and hot spot areas such as attics, crawlspaces and exposed wood. This will determine the best treatment plan. Two examples of innovative treatments are XT-2000® Orange Oil Plus and Termidor®.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is an extract of orange peels. The active ingredient is d-limonene which is used in household cleaners and pet shampoos. While orange oil can be a great cleaner, it also happens to be toxic to termites. When a termite comes in contact with orange oil, the wax coating of the termite’s respiratory system is destroyed, causing it to suffocate. When injected into termite-infested wood, XT- 2000 Orange Oil Plus wicks like water up a string, penetrating the hard to reach areas and killing drywood termites and their eggs on contact. Orange oil is a renewable, plant-based solution that’s been used as an insecticide since 1958.

Termidor is an odorless liquid that will not only kill termites; it has an innovative transfer ingredient. Termites can’t see, smell, taste or avoid its presence. They directly ingest and contact Termidor as they go about their normal routines. Then they can become a “carrier,” transferring it to other termites, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony.

Like termites, each type of pest has it’s own characteristics or traits. There are a broad range of eco–friendly products to resolve each type of pest issue. These products include such ingredients as peppermint, rosemary oil and wintergreen oil.

Planet Orange is a leader and innovator in providing green, effective solutions for pest control. Planet Orange’s termite control plan includes a two-year warranty, complimentary annual re-inspection, and free treatments during warranty, if necessary. For a free estimate, you can call Planet Orange at 800-767-2643 or 408-963-6868, email or visit,