PremierGarage of the Bay Area is proud to have provided over 50 years of experience in the Home Services Industry, and still going strong. We are a locally owned and operated business, serving those in the Bay Area including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara, and more.

We pride ourselves on the relentless effort to support our customers with the most innovative and cost effective product on the market. We are constantly listening to customer feedback to produce more affordable products each and every year.

All design and estimates are done by the owners of this franchise, and each estimate comes complete with an On-Site 3-D rendering of the proposed garage. We are committed to provide our customers with the best product and service, even before we begin work on your garage.

When you select Premier Garage, you’ll be working with hands-on owners who are personally involved with each project. They communicate with customers and crews to ensure that expectations, schedules and budgets are being met. They’re immediately accessible should a question or problem arise. And their priority is always giving the customer industry-best products and service. After spending many years in the corporate world we were really excited about this industry and the potential for providing products and services to customers that make an immediate impact on the quality of life and experience with their home.


“Our mission is to give all of our customers a ‘premier’ experience. The purpose of our company is to improve the lifestyle of the client – that means paying attention to detail and getting all the little things right, not just the big ones.”


We are proud to be recognized as a Diamond Certified company, providing superior quality, satisfaction, and trust in our community.

We are members and constantly support charities such as Susan B. Komen Cancer Foundation; EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) – rare skin disease; Goodwill; American Red Cross; and the Special Olympics.

Phone: 408-444-9984 or 650-265-0510


The last bastion of the truly finished residence is “The Garage.” If you’re embarrassed to open your garage door, just imagine your garage being as lovely as the rest of your home.

Custom cabinets, floor coatings, and versatile gridwall organizer systems are created to bring order out of chaos for a lifetime of beauty and service. Homeowners who want to expand their living space will also discover they have increased the value of their home.

For starters, hybrid polymer floor coating systems are engineered for easy cleaning and designed to be stain and peel-resistant while enhancing lighting and eliminating the ugly, dirty look of raw concrete. Choose from a variety of cool solid colors or simulated granite finishes.

You won’t believe the difference a smooth, bright floor makes in your garage or even in your basement! Some parents use their finished garage as a safe, indoor playroom for their children during bad weather. Simply put the car in the driveway, add a space heater or rug, close the door, and let the children ride tricycles and big wheels in perfect safety.

One popular use of finished garages is teen parties with a floor that is perfect for dancing. Because there is no clutter in the garage, it feels like a wonderful bonus room instead of a garage.

The exclusive PremierOne hybrid polymer coating technology is engineered for both performance and convenience. This system can generally be installed in one day, with a return to full use within 24 hours. Leave it to us to take care of all the details, including rental of a POD storage box, load out service as well as painting and drywall work.

The path to a clean and inviting garage, of course, is fully finished cabinets with easy-clean thermo-fused melamine surfaces (interior and exterior) to store everything from camping gear to holiday decorations. It’s the ultimate in storage solutions with full-face doors with high-grade concealed hinges, all-steel construction hardware, and cast steel handles. The 1”-thick fully adjustable shelves have a load rating of 100 lbs. per shelf. Seasonal items can be stored out of sight near the top and frequently used items stashed in the lower shelves.

Expect full-back cabinets that stand up to harsh temperature extremes and are mounted off the floor. This makes floor cleaning a breeze, eliminates hiding places for pests, and allows water to flow out the door.

PremierGarage cabinets are designed specifically for the garage and have the largest cubic storage capacity in the industry—up to 90 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 24 inches deep with no center supports, making it easy to store big items.

The search for durable, attractive garage or basement flooring and cabinetry ends with PremierGarage of Bay and East Bay. You can schedule a designer at  408-444-9984 or 650-265-0510  and visit their website at Lic. #894280.