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Fix Your Grout and Your Tile Will Shine

Pro Grout understands the importance of your tile looking the best that it can. And will go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. Their motto is the client comes first. They will work with you to give you the best quality work at the lowest cost. Pro Grout’s goal is to save you money and time while providing a result that will keep you happy for many years to come.

Thien Vuong is the owner and acclaimed Grout Master: After 7 years in the construction business, he developed a passion and knack for tiling. Under the tutelage of his manager, he fine-tuned his skills in grout and tile repair and emerged as a master craftsman. Due to his strong work ethic, flawless results, precise attention to detail, and beaming clientele, Thien became the tile-and-grout specialist for the contracting firm.

Soon after, he launched his own tile and grout business, Pro Grout. He is dedicated to keeping your tile work looking as beautiful as the day it was first installed. Their #1 priority is 100% customer satisfaction by providing the highest caliber of work possible.

Pro Grout offers a free professional-grade inspection and we’ll help you figure out the best course of action to save your tile – without costing you an arm and leg. Give your tile a new lease on life by rejuvenating your grout today!

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Does your tile look worn-out and dull? Have your grout lines succumbed to staining, dirt and chipping? Or maybe your grout lines look an entirely different color than when your tile was first put in. Chances are, that color is still there, it’s just hidden by staining and dirt. Regardless, it’s time for a change.

Let your tile’s natural beauty and aesthetics shine through. Improving and revitalizing your grout can uplift your entire room’s aesthetics and the value of your home. By diligently maintaining your grout, you can avoid difficult and costly repairs caused by com- promised grout and tile.



Grout cleaning is a simple process restoring the grout to its natural, beautiful color. The results are clean and brilliant grout lines.

Is your grout cracked or grooved in some areas? Or there are missing chunks of grout in some places, too. Keep your grout strong and healthy by repairing problem areas and resealing them effectively. Every inch of your tile and grout should be inspected, and all irregularities and all cracks should be repaired.

Grout sealing will not only protect the new grout from stains and dirt that can cause your grout to look dingy, it will also promote longevity and sheen for your tile and grout. Most importantly, it will save you a lot of effort in cleaning complexities and costs down the road.

Ideally, your grout should be at the same level as your tile and it shouldn’t lift off when you’re cleaning. Clear indications that your grout is wearing down and deteriorating are grains of your grout coming loose each time you wipe down your tile or your grout is deeply grooved below the tile line. Left unresolved, it can create a pesky trap for dirt and bacteria. Moisture can seep through and compromise your subsurface with mold, mildew and water damage.

Pro Grout

The solution is re-grouting. Your old grout is removed, and new and improved grout is installed. After the grout is installed, it is resealed and recaulked. This can make your room look and feel brand new without having to replace your tile (an expensive and laborious process).

Pro Grout offers professional grout cleaning, re-grouting, grout sealing, grout repair, grout re-coloring and re-caulking services. Their standard sealant will protect your grout after a deep cleaning or regrouting. And their Super Stain Sealer provides the ability to change the color of your grout and they can match almost any color you desire. Pro Grout offers a free professional-grade inspection and will help you figure out the best course of action for your tile. For more information, you can call them at 800-513-2236 or visit