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We’re San Jose home remodeling experts. With certified and experienced professionals at your service, we’re committed to providing you with custom home improvement solutions. Whether you need an important home repair, cosmetic fix, or are ready to remodel your living space, we can help. As an independently owned and operated office, we feature an industry leading 2-year warranty and are the only local remodeling company to use the Case process to help you make the best choices for your home. Your home is part of our community too. We’re here for you today and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

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A Glance Inside A Kitchen Remodel

After living in their home for over 10 years, the homeowners featured in this article knew that the time had finally come to build the larger kitchen that they so desperately needed. All of the aspects that were missing in the kitchen and adjoining family room were becoming more and more apparent as the years continued to pass.

The homeowners had a long list of desired features that they needed. This included an open design to make the kitchen and family room a combined gathering place, more storage, and privacy from the living and entry area, all while maintaining access to the backyard and visibility through the recently replaced windows and doors. Aesthetically, they desired classic but clean design lines in pleasing colors without creating a monotonous beige kitchen.

Before. The kitchen, originally built in 1972, was extremely small, outdated, and lacked any potential for storage. One wall divided the kitchen from the family room, closing off the potential for added space. A recently replaced window at the kitchen sink provided nice, unobstructed views.

After removing the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room, a flush beam was installed across the exterior and living room conveniently located near the garage and front door entrances. Taking advantage of potential alignment with the extended wall at the adjoining hallways, the pantry fit seamlessly into the design, not to mention producing a more attractive entrance to the remodeled kitchen/family space. The entry foyer could now feature a decorative wall space and a corner for a small table. Finally, the kitchen windows were left in tact and all lighting was upgraded throughout to include under-cabinet lighting in the future as well as a home automation system. The end result was more storage space and a cleaner, nicer, upgraded kitchen.

Before beginning, the homeowners were hesitant to engage in a construction project after hearing warnings from friends about companies that didn’t listen to clients’ needs and wants, and projects that were finished both after the prospected deadline and outside of the agreed upon budget. They found a company that met their expectations—project designer Ramona Tan worked with them and successfully delivered an ideal design that was finished ahead of schedule, and stayed completely within budget.

With Case® Design/Remodeling, every single aspect of your home improvement needs are covered. The process-driven team at Case always strives to facilitate a logical sequence of steps that will help break down and simplify the remodeling process, while keeping the project on track and moving forward from design to completion. For more information, you can visit their website at, or call 408-484-3884 for a free consultation.

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