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Dropout Cabinet Fixtures are innovators in the cabinet component industry.  They design and build cabinet accessories that focus on convenience for the consumer.  With more and more demands for space within the kitchen and other areas of the home, efficiency has become a necessity and convenience, a luxury.

They have five products, which offer unparalleled storage convenience and accessibility at your fingertips! Completely out of sight but easily accessible when needed.

The patented The Dropout® Spice Rack is a unique upper cabinet storage system that combines convenience and organization as a 4″ wide filler cabinet.

The Dropout Waste System is a tip-out waste system that mounts on a cabinet door next to the sink.  Use and functionality combined with easy access and it pairs perfectly with their latest product, the Countertop Compostable Waste System.

The Dropout Ironing Center is a complete ironing system in one convenient cabinet. This pullout cabinet contains a full-size, proprietary custom 14-by-53-inch ironing board, complete with pad and cover, stainless steel iron dock, and ironing accessory storage spaces.

The TopDropTM Desktop, one easy motion moves a panel of your office desktop out of the way.  This provides you with a desk when you need it, and a keyboard when you want it.
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It is the accessories that make your cabinets work for you. Dropout Cabinet Fixtures designs and manufactures innovative cabinet components to make your life easier.

Now you can stop wasting time searching drawers and shelves attempting to find your spice bottles. This one-of-a kind spice rack/storage system stores up to 36 spice bottles perfectly organized, easily accessible and all in one place. Requiring only 4”of upper cabinet space, it opens with a smooth outward and downward motion, bringing the spice rack down to you. Returning the unit is just as simple.

Ironing made easy! No longer do you need to drag out that clunky ironing board, find a place to store it when not in use, or look at that eyesore. This ironing center is designed to be contained within wall cabinets as a convenient pullout. It comes complete with a custom 53-inch full size ironing board, pad and cover. There is a stainless steel iron dock and ironing accessory storage spaces. When closed it only requires 7” of cabinet space. Opening in mere seconds when needed and is put away just as easily.

There is a new approach to the garbage and compostables dilemma in the kitchen food prep area. Before recycling became important, the trend was to have the largest garbage can possible in the kitchen. Today the emphasis is on recycling, reducing that need. Also, many communities are asking residents to separate the compostable waste from the non-compostable garbage. The Countertop Waste System is a perfect solution for compostable waste collection and pairs perfectly with the Tipout Waste System. This combination makes preparing meals easy and clean up a breeze, without requiring excessive space. This compact system requires less space than a trash compactor and there is still plenty of room for a drawer below.

Dropout Cabinet Fixtures won Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine’s 2015 and 2016 Product Innovator Awards. All products are made in the USA. For more information on these products and their other unique cabinet components, you can call them at 408-909-DROP (3767), visit www.dropoutcabinets.com or email dropoutcabinets@gmail.com. Demonstrations can be arranged by appointment at their Morgan Hill facility. Their products are also available to the commercial market through MacMurray Pacific Wholesale Hardware, at www.macmurraypacific.com or call 800-244-1455.

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