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For 12 years, Screen Solutions has specialized in providing custom solutions for common problems. As the exclusive distributor of Phantom Screens for Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, they’ve been providing insect and solar control with manual and motorized retractable screens. Expertly fitted to your doors and windows, Phantom Screens complement your unique décor with custom colors and unique wood grain finishes. Screen Solutions is also an oversize screening specialist, with products designed to provide protection for extra large doors and movable wall systems.

Whether the need is UV protection for art and furnishings, light control, or privacy, with the touch of a button, Lutron’s quiet electronic drives—Roman shades and Roller shades, drapes, and Venetian blinds—raise or lower in virtual silence. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics, from sheer to complete blackout, to meet your light control needs.

Screen Solutions’ newest product is the Vergola—an operable louvered roof system. A flick of the switch allows you to control the amount of light, shade, and ventilation. At the first hint of rain, the automatic sensor closes the louvers to form a weatherproof shelter. Whatever your challenge, call Screen Solutions for a free consultation.

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Too often patios and decks take the brunt of the summer sun and we avoid using them between sunup and sundown because the heat and sunlight make them simply miserable. Traditional patio covers such as Pergolas, solid panel roofs, and retractable awnings help ease this problem, but they each come with a compromise. Pergolas offer no weather protection, solid roofs make home interiors dark and gloomy, and retractable awnings are useless during strong wind.

However, there is a solution. Adjustable louvered roof systems give you the best of all worlds. You can enjoy your outdoor living spaces at a temperature and light level that’s comfortable all year-round.

Louvered roof systems have many advantages over traditional shade options. They withstand the elements all year long with no maintenance, offer shade or sunlight on demand, and are water- proof when closed. Most importantly, louvered roof systems are versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style. Louvers are typically stocked in white and tan with custom colors available to suit your specific design needs. The system also has the ability to resist strong winds and severe weather conditions, making them a once in a lifetime purchase.

A louvered roof system not only improves your deck, patio, and outdoor areas, they also help inside too. They block the sun’s powerful rays, protecting expensive window coverings, carpet, and furniture from fading and damage. Your home’s exterior will also be protected from solar heat gain, reducing your summer cooling costs. Additionally, all systems are solar powered for the ultimate in ease of operation with no associated operational energy costs.

For more information about designing your louvered roof system, you can call Screen Solutions for a free estimate at 408-374-8156 or visit their website at