Grill Cleaning


Sparkle Grill Cleaning was created specifically for those homeowners and property managers who pride themselves on balancing time, energy and money. While the BBQ grill has traditionally been male-dominated, more women are “firing up the grill” out of necessity as their husbands are not home from work when it is time to start cooking. The last thing that these housewives want to look at just prior to cooking is a dirty, nasty grill.

Not only do women realize, more than men, the harmful effects and dangers of a grease-caked BBQ grill; but also women don’t want to encounter the unsightly appearance and potential embarrassment of a dirty BBQ grill when friends or family visit. Many men, on the other hand, believe the old adage, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.” They recognize that the BBQ grill must be cleaned, but they usually just close the lid deciding to clean it later.

The price of the BBQ grill by itself pales in comparison to the overall budget of the entire project. Most of these outdoor kitchens are constructed near the swimming pool as a focal point. To have this advertised amenity sit dormant due to broken parts or an unsightly appearance could have a negative effect on prospective buyers or residents.

This is where Sparkle Grill Cleaning can assist the busy, time-strapped family. Licensed and insured, Sparkle’s two man crews will arrive complete with the tools of the trade to restore that BBQ grill’s appearance or with the parts to make it fire up again!

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Grill Cleaning


In the Bay Area, grilling up a hearty meal on the barbecue is a beloved pastime. Everyone loves a good cookout, but few homeowners enjoy cleaning or repairing the barbecue. It is safe to say that most grills could use a thorough cleaning, and many would benefit from an expert repairman.

Professionally cleaning your barbecue is sure to make your grill sparkle and shine, but it can do much more than that. A deep cleaning ensures a healthy cooking environment, improves the taste of your food and protects your investment. A comprehensive cleaning removes fat, carbon deposits, and cancer-causing carcinogens which are otherwise transferred to your food. A professional cleaning also reduces the chance of dangerous grease fires, prevents future corrosion and rust, and extends the life of your grill.

Now that we agree cleaning your barbecue is a great idea, some homeowners might ask, “Why not do this myself?” Because you don’t want to do it! Barbecues are complex and a thorough cleaning is messy and complicated. A skilled technician can come to your home at your convenience and give your grill a comprehensive cleaning with an environmentally friendly cleaning process. They will inspect every component to diagnose potential problems, clean and sanitize all parts, and polish the exterior to its original luster. Should your grill need replacement parts or repairs they are experts on nearly every model. Sometimes it is just better to call in the professionals.

For more information on mobile barbecue cleaning and repairs you can contact the Bay Area’s leading BBQ cleaning company Sparkle Grill Cleaning at (408) 409-2688. Their friendly and well trained staff is there to serve you. Sparkle Grill Cleaning also sells and installs new grills should you be in the market for an upgrade. You can see a complete list of their services online at